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The Problem

“12% of the world’s population lives in North America and Western Europe and accounts for 60% of private consumption spending, but a third of the humanity live in S. Asia and sub-Saharan Africa account for only 3.2%.” – The World Watch Institute

STUFF has gotten a lot cheaper, but our attitude hasn’t changed correspondingly. We overvalue STUFF.”  – Paul Graham

Who We Are

Bee Organized is a professional organizing business aimed at helping people to simplify their lives by paring down un-needed, dust-collecting stuff and creating customized systems and methods in their homes. 

No job is too big or too small. Our minds buzz with glee at the thought of tackling closets that won’t close, basements that scare you and pantries you are embarrassed for your Mother-in-Law to see. We are a supportive, non-critical organizing team that will leave you with serenity and a plan to maintain that serenity in any nook and cranny of your home…or hive!

 Our Story


We aren’t sisters, but we often get asked if we are. We grew up together in Colorado, danced on the same dance team in high school and lived together after college. We both married Kansas City boys, were in each other’s weddings and were in the delivery room together for all of our children’s’ births. And, of course, we are Godmothers each other’s kids!

Through the years, as we were new wives and young mothers we shared a unique (albeit sometimes geeky) enthusiasm for cleaning out each other’s closets, redecorating our bookshelves together and repurposing furniture and decor items in one another’s homes. We have spent hours collaborating on the best way to organize our kids’ clothes and toys, we often send pictures to each other of our new-found way of organizing our jewelery, our Tupperware, art supplies and more. It seems like we have been on a constant hunt to find simpler ways to run our homes, simplify our lives and be more present and in the moment with our families. The truth is, that hunt will never end and that, our friends, is the sole of Bee Organized.

 Our Process

Of course everyone’s “hive” could be more streamlined, clean, tidy, organized, etc. – including our own! However, Bee Organized has found that ultimate perfection is not the goal our clients are aiming for. Rather, it’s that simplified, light feeling they are searching for. It’s that orderly, less-stressed, balanced and harmonious atmosphere we all crave.

However, it is no secret that making changes and finding that sought-after “harmonious atmosphere” can be overwhelming and leave one with questions of where and how to start. Oftentimes, this is where people just think about getting organized but don’t take the first step because they don’t know where to begin! This is where Bee Organized comes in…to give you that gentle nudge. Once you call Bee Organized, you have taken the first step in simplifying your hive. We know the process requires different planning, goals, changes and tweaks for everyone and every home and it all starts with a Bee Organized Assessment.

Assessment: Bee Organized will come to your home to meet with you to discuss what is and isn’t working in your space and to hear your goals for space(s). Bee Organized will take notes and pictures, measure and probe for further information to learn how you and your family use the space, what your habits are, etc. This assessment is a very important step because it provides crucial information for Bee Organized to plan a customized solution that will be sustainable for you and your family. After the assessment, Bee Organized will provide you with an Estimate.

Estimate: Bee Organized will break down the issues and goals discussed at the Assessment and will provide a written plan to reach those goals along with a proposed timeline.

Once the estimate and timeline are agreed upon, it’s show time!

Project Day(s): The first day of your project Bee Organized will help you pull all items out of your space and together we will determine if items are to keep, trash, donate, etc. Often, this stage of the process is crazy and looks as though we are making a bigger mess than what you started with…and we are! However, hang tight, have faith, there is a tried and true method to our madness. Very quickly some order starts to appear, a rhythm begins and before you know it we are buzzin’! As we work together, Bee Organized is continually asking you very specific questions about items to help you determine whether they stay or not. This unique process provides you a comforting formula to help make decisions quickly and confidently.   

Once we have worked together to get through all items, boxes, tubs, shelves, etc. Bee Organized turns on the buzz and establishes customized organization for the space based on your lifestyle, habits, requests and goals. The finished product is a fresh space with new or refreshed purpose where everything has a place and is labeled as such. The systems put in place will be sustainable and easy to maintain with small tweaks throughout the weeks as the space is used.

Now, Bee Organized realizes and knows first hand that no home is totally organized all of the time.  However, by establishing sustainable systems for maintaining order in your home, you will always be able to get things back to BEEing Organized!


  • “I had such a great experience with Bee Organized! You took an overwhelming (nearly impossible seeming) project and made it easy and fun. The organization in our basement and garage have provided calmness in our otherwise chaotic lives!! Your smiles, great sense of humor and efficiency made working with you an absolute pleasure. We could not thank you enough!”

  • “Hiring Bee Organized was one the best decisions that I have made.  I never had enough energy to organized my office/catch all room. For two years it was unorganized chaos.  Now, every time I walk into that room, I smile.”

  • “Bee Organized is a dream to work with.  They have coordinated organization in our playroom, garage, basement, and master closet and we couldn't be happier with the results! Bee Organized is: prompt, easy to work with, friendly, and fun!    It is so nice to wake up in the morning, and NOT feel like I need to spend that day organizing and throwing things out because it's already done!  They take the donations with them when they leave which I thought was a very helpful service.  The BEST part of working with Bee Organized is that they take the guesswork out of organization projects--they know the best plan and what you can let go of.  I highly recommend working with Bee Organized for your home!”

  • “The Bees swept in and turned a cluttered, messy teen girls room into a very organized, clean and peaceful sanctuary.”

  • “If you work from home you need these gals! From sorting and filing to installing shelves and changing the "feel" of the work space a home office becomes a more productive environment.”

  • “I highly recommend Bee Organized to all who need help with clearing out and cleaning up the years of accumulated 'stuff'. I first used this wonderful group to help me personally with our basement. Bee Organized worked wonders with an area that you could barely walk through due to many years of memories stored. They helped me categorize and organize AND part with so much furniture, holiday decor and more. Now, when we walk in our basement storage area we hardly know we are in the same house! We feel SO organized!!”

  • “I actually miss you ladies! It was such fun working with you and I continue to enjoy the finished product. It is so satisfying to go into the basement and easily find what I need. I feel like I lost 30 pounds! Put THAT in your testimonial!” 

  • “There is no way the store-room in our basement would have EVER received the time and attention it needed if it weren't for Bee Organized!  The worker bees came in and in two days’ time our store-room went from dangerous and nasty to a place I now know where everything is and I'm NOT embarrassed to show my mom!   I could have never done this without the help from the women from Bee Organized.” 

  • “The ladies at Bee Organized were absolutely delightful to have in my home. They made it easy for me to accept help, though I was working to overcome feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment, even shame at the messes, big and small, throughout my home! Once I saw how quick, efficient and smart they worked, I was hooked! I had them working on projects from my basement to my kitchen and eventually all the way up to my laundry room. It was the best money I spent last year! You’ll hate to see their cheerful, non-judgmental faces leave though you’ll be amazed by your new, organized living!”

  • "I know this was a small project in terms of time for the team...but it was a big project for my heart.”


Meet Our Bees!

  • Kristen Christian
    Kristen Christian Co-Founder

    Kristen dreams about having her whole house totally organized but knows that sharing her home with husband, Matt, and their four kids she will have to set her sights just a bit lower. Kristen brings a practical, realistic and “let’s prioritize here” flair to every job that helps clients to remember to pick their battles as they organize with children. She knows that if even just her pantry, kitchen and personal closet are organized she can be efficient, save money and take on the day like a pro! She geeks out over discovering new time-saving house management ideas…anything that gives her more time to walk her dog, Lola, or read a good book!

  • Lisa Foley Co-Founder

    Lisa is a natural at home organization! She grew up with a mother who vacuumed everyday (sometimes twice) and never had a bit of clutter to be seen. And while Lisa is a natural born doer and tidier, she has a heart the size of Texas and loves sharing her tricks of the trade with enthusiasm. Lisa and her husband, Mike, have three girls who keep their lives in the pink with lots of soccer, basketball, modeling and more. The whole Foley family knows where everything is and goes in their home – a testament to Lisa and her Mom! While not organizing, Lisa loves to travel and cook.

  • Betsy Merckens
    Betsy Merckens

    Betsy is a roll up your sleeves and get it done kind of gal. She loves a big project and will keep things hoppin’ with her can-do attitude. Betsy and her husband, Brian, have three kids who certainly keep the family on the move from soccer to cheer to football and beyond! Betsy keeps things at ease with her realistic expectations and her “keep it simple” approach to living. She loves to travel, hang with her dogs and experiment in the kitchen to find delectable gluten-free goodies!

  • Kristina Schieffer
    Kristina Schieffer

    If anyone can serve as an almighty organizing guru, it’s Kristina! Kristina and her high school sweetheart husband, Todd, have six kids and Kristina keeps their home running like a fine-tuned orchestra. And while Kristina is “walking the walk,” she is very understanding and non-judgmental of those of us who don’t quite have this “staying organized gig” down! She loves kids and has amazing ideas to pass along on how to wrangle their stuff! If you see her driving down the road in her big ol’ SUV with a Billiken sticker (her oldest is a freshman on the SLU soccer team this year!) on the back be sure to give her a wave!

  • Shelle Jensen
    Shelle Jensen

    After raising four kids, Shelle and her husband, Dan, are staring down the barrel of an empty nest this fall. Shelle is not quite sure how she feels about all of that, but one thing is for certain, she knows how to manage a home! Shelle has “been there, done that” from wrangling Legos in the dining room to storing multiple sets of football gear to finding new ways to get her big and busy family heading out the door on time. Shelle and Dan will be having their adult daughter and her husband come back to live with them for a bit this fall…so Shelle is getting really good at storing other people’s stuff! She has also paired down her parents’ home as they embark on a new stage of their lives. Shelle is down-to-earth and non-judgmental. She will make you laugh with her funny analogies and insight. She loves cats and dogs and an ice cold Arnold Palmer!

  • Catie Herst
    Catie Herst

    Catie is the youngest Bee in our hive and with that she brings a refreshing view on organizing and design. Catie just finished her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from KU and is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Licensed early childhood teacher. She got her undergraduate in Psychology and Education from The College of Wooster. Being a teacher and professional counselor, Catie recognizes the importance of a healthy, happy and organized home life as a way to promote daily and family functionality. Catie brings empathy, compassion, energy and the art of relating to every job. Catie loves traveling, practicing Spanish, working with kids and crafting.

  • Angie Smith
    Angie Smith

    Angie has a knack for order and a strong desire to see jobs through to the very last detail! Her humor keeps us all laughing and her self-deprecating comments make her so approachable and non-judgmental. Angie and her husband, Brian, have four kids who keep them busy with lacrosse, dance, swimming, diving and more. The way Angie keeps her head with everything going on is by planning ahead and keeping things simple. She and Co-Bee, Kristen, love to walk their dogs, Walter and Lola, together as they dream up new organizing schemes!

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